Set Design

I transitioned into the film industry in set design after years of designing for the real world. Set design requires creating drawings and models communicating design ideas to directors, producers and others, as well as dimensioned prints for construction. Because timelines are very compressed, those two things always happen simultaneously, so it's important to prioritize and understand processes.   

Through set design and art direction, I've created many places and objects I'd never have had a chance to explore in the real world, often at a large scale and with a large budget. 

Many of the requirements for a filmable set - walls and ceilings that fly, access ramps, backdrops, lighting grids - are unique to film production. 

But the ability to create spaces and forms that can spark imagination and bring delight in their use is just as important in the real world.  

Manhattan Publishers Office

Stage build for a streaming show.

Depression Era Bank

Location build for a movie. This set required more engineering detailing than usual.  Because the production had limited time on location in a public library, all of the parts had to be built and finished in advance for quick installation and strike. Additionally, the building was old and irregular so everything had to be designed to allow trimming to fit and delicate installation.

Time Travel Labs

Stage build for a movie.

Brooklyn Apartment

Stage build for a streaming show.

Depression Era Farmhouse

Location build for a movie. Developed for a period production to be shot in rural Ohio, this set's shell was to be built in advance by real-world contractors before detailing by movie propmakers and scenic artists during pre-production.  

Park with Pergola

Location build for a movie. Created on an empty lot within the sub-division setting of the hero characters'  house, this set was designed to be driven through to begin a car chase.