Art Direction

Working to manifest the production designer's vision, an art director needs the artistic ability to understand and explain ideas, the management skill to direct large crews creating the sets and the administrative acumen to handle budgeting, scheduling and coordination with many other departments.

Communication is a critical part of the job, as is guiding (sometimes forcefully) directors, producers and many others to make decisions. Time is always of the essence.

And because every production means a new group of people and a different story, flexibility and adaptability are a must. 

The Prison -The Walking Dead

Salon/Row Houses -Star

Walls of Alexandria -The Walking Dead

Hershel's Barn -The Walking Dead

Mud, Blood, Traffic and Debris -The Walking Dead

Cottonwood Tree -Miracles From Heaven

St Sarah's Church -The Walking Dead

Sets for Music and Dance -Star

"Slightly Nicer Bathroom" Fight at Phipps Plaza -Tag Reshoots (Production Design, Uncredited)